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Collectible, Unique, Rare, Vintage, Unusual, And Antique Items For Sale At The Right Price

Hello. My name is Charles Rinehart in Sarasota Florida. This blog contains all my collectibles. I have been a trusted eBay seller since 2003 with a 100% feedback rating on over 300+ transactions. Here is my profile/rating link: neonguy1956 As a seller I have always offered a great product and great customer service with a money back guarantee if not happy with any purchase. My only stipulation is that the customer is responsible for return mailing cost of any item and item must be in the original condition and must be insured (to protect both of us in case of damage or loss. This is a very small cost). This return policy is normal for most if not all eBay sellers. While I'm still an eBay member, I rarely sell there and only occasionally buy. Items will be added here hopefully weekly, because Google will display this site on certain searches. I actually became tired of people trying to steal my items with low bids. A fair price is all anyone wants for products. By having this blog instead of selling on eBay, I am not paying fees through the rear (especially the final value fees). Again I will be adding items from time to time so favorite me and check back as your time allows. Thanks for stopping.

See something you're interested in? Make me an offer. Let's talk. My email is

Vintage Rare Eastern Airlines Poster

This is the ultimate Eastern Airlines memorabilia. My research has shown that there is not another poster like this anywhere online in the world. No pictures. Nothing. So I believe this is beyond rare. I bought this in 2003 on eBay from a former Eastern Airlines pilot. Poster is probably from the mid 80's. Size is 29.5 wide/39.5 high. Poster was new and shipped in original tube. Easern Airlines went out of business in January 91.

Michael Jordan Wheaties Cereal

This is a collectible unopened box of Wheaties featuring Michael Jordan 1993. According to various websites, Jordan has appeared 18 times on the cereal box (by himself or with the Chicago Bulls). Because there are so many of these in circulation, they are really not worth that much.

John Ringling Sarasota Florida Decorative Rope

This is a decorative rope that came from the Ringling Museum in Sarasota Florida. From what I'm told, ropes like this hung from each corner of window draperies in rooms of upscale buildings in the early to mid 1900's. I worked at the museum from 83-86. This item was stored at the Ringling Residence on the third floor. The curator at the time, Susan Burkhart, during a cleaning, had thrown this and other items away, with most items being in horrible condition, or serving no purpose anymore. So I rescued this rope from the trash pile. This item has a great history and story, and is truly a rare one of a kind item.

Sports Illustrated Magazine Walter Payton Cover

This is a great collectible item. A Sports Illustrated Magazine from 8-15-1982 featuring Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears, one of the greatest running backs of all time. And as all who knew Walter will say, one of the finest human beings they ever knew. This magazines value is not a lot as of this time because there are so many in circulation, so it really belongs in a frame and on the wall of a true fan. Magazines without the mailing label are probably worth a little more, and could sell before the ones with. This magazine is in great condition.

J. Peterman 1998 Catalog

The J. Peterman Catalog summer 1998. John Peterman is a catalog and retail entrepreneur from Lexington Kentucky. With a wide variety of clothing and other unusual products, J. Peterman was made famous by the TV show Seinfeld. The company slogan is "Traveling the world to find uncommonly good stuff". While this item is very collectible, it is probably not worth that much. This item is in perfect condition.

Elvira 'Mistress of the Dark' Autographed Marketing Flyer

In 1998 I was attended a trade show at the Orlando Convention center, and was fortunate to meet and receive photos and two autographs from Elvira (aka Cassandra Peterson). She was a beautiful, accommodating, and super nice lady. This flyer advertises her and her past appearances at many venues during her career. This item is in a protective sleeve, and is in perfect condition. 8.5" X 11".

Eastern Airlines Memorabilia Key Ring

Airline memorabilia is highly collectible by many people, depending on the airline. From my time buying on eBay, Eastern is without a doubt the most sought after items, because in part, because of their story and history. Eastern Airlines started out as Pitcairn Aviation in 1927, with the name change to Eastern Air Transport in 1930. After deregulation in 1978, many airlines suffered, merged, or went bankrupt. Eastern officially ceased operations in January 1991. This is an Eastern Airlines keychain, brand new and in perfect condition.

Eastern Airlines Bumper Sticker

This is a very rare bumper sticker. Not many of these survived the 80's. 13" long, 4" high. This slogan came out in 1985. Original bumber sticker.

Eastern Airlines Uniform Clothing Patch

This cloth patch was on work uniforms and went on the back of shirts and jackets of the grounds crew and mechanics. 9.5" long. 2" high. As of 2011, these are still pretty plentiful, so they are not worth that much. It's just a very collectible item that would be perfect being in a frame with other Eastern memorbilia.

Eastern Airlines Uniform Clothing Patch

This cloth patch is original, and went on the chest of work uniforms and jackets of grounds crew and mechanic. Measures 2" high. 2" long. Again these are somewhat plentiful, and not worth that much as of 2011, but extremely collectible.

Eastern Airlines Plastic Pilots Wings

These are plastic pilot wings that were given to children who flew Eastern Airlines. A great PR item for Eastern. Measures 2.5" long. .5" high. In like new condition. These are not worth that much because there are so many available.

Eastern Airlines Matchbook

This matchbook is in like new condition. Measures 1.5" wide. 2" high. Eastern airlines marketed themselves heavy like most airlines did in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. These are pretty rare, but not worth that much except as memorbilia, and needs to be in a frame to compliment other Eastern items.

Eastern Airlines Iron On Transfer Decal

This is a pretty rare and collectible Eastern Airlines item. Iron on transfer. New. I have two of these. This slogan "We have to earn our wings everyday" came out in around 1986, so these transfers have to be made that same year. Stored in a hard photo envelope for protection and wrapped in wax paper. A great item.

Eastern Airlines Ticket Sleeves

Eastern Airlines Ticket Sleeves. New. Probably from around the mid 1980's. I have about thirty of these. Another vintage item.

Pan Am Airways Luggage Tag

A vintage Pan Am Airways luggage tag. New. Heavy plastic. Measures 4" long. 2" high. These are fairly rare, and are not considered a high dollar collectible.

Stealthsurfer 'Anonymous Proxy' Flash Drive

This is the Stealthsurfer 4GB flash drive. This product uses anonymous proxy technology, which allows you to be invisible online. Can you imagine never having to worry about your valuable information and credit card numbers being stolen? Here is my blog on the Stealthsurfer for more specific details.

Vintage Snoopy 'Zippo Type' Lighter

This is a one of a kind item, probably from the 60's or 70's. This zippo type lighter is a Revelation brand. A cheaper version of the Zippo. Looks to be almost if not new condition. Could have been made in Japan. A great conversation piece to have in your office.

Autographed Dan Dierdorf Football Card

Autographed Dan Dierdorf 1975 Topps football card #35. As of 2011 not worth much. Dan was probably one of the best Monday Night Football announcers ever. In my opinion.

Budweiser Bikini Ad 1983

This is a 1983 Budweiser magazine ad. This is a one owner item. In mint condition. The front has clear laminate for protection of this ad. There are not that many of these availble. This is probably Budweisers best and most creative magazine ad ever.

Nike Wallowa ACG Trail Hiking Boots Mint

I bought these boots new around 1996. These were part of the Nike outdoor line in 1996 according to Adam at They were worn maybe 2 times in New York City in 1996 for very brief periods. They are in mint shape. Without a box.


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I am interested in the Nike ACG boots. Do you have a price?

Memorabilia for Sale said...

Nice stuff.

Charles said...

Anyone interested in anything make me an offer. It's that simple. And thanks.

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wow I have loved cassandra's porrtrayal of elvira for a long time. your collection is very awesome and I was wondering if you sell internationally? I want to sell my memorabilia too and initially I had no idea but upon looking at this website <a href="> I have found it to be relatively easy.

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Hi Charles,

I'm interested in purchasing some of the Eastern items, and being that they are rare to find on the internet for sale I would really like to know what you are selling the items for. Please email me at with a price list of what you are willing to part with. I'm not here to beat you up on price, so anything you set for an item I won't haggle (as long as it's not a crazy outlandish amount).

Hope to hear from you soon.